Un Giorno Per Noi (A Time For Us)

One of my favorite Josh Groban songs is his adaptation of Un Giorno Per Noi, the theme song of Romeo and Juliet. I continually hit replay when this song comes up on my playlist.At times, I get discouraged about love. Especially when I hear how the divorce rate is climbing or hear about a relationship gone bad. Is there any hope at all these days? Can love survive in our day and age? Let alone a forbidden love like in Romeo and Juliet? Even though, I can’t understand the language that Josh sings this song  in, I am completely awestuck at the beauty of his words and voice…I believe music is a universal language. It can inspire someone to love or it can inspire someone to hate. It can make us cherish every moment and relationship or makes us want to get wasted and screw around. I can’t help but admire how Josh Groban’s music inspires me to believe that there are still gentleman out there. There is still true love waiting around the corner to woo my heart. At some point, I will meet a guy that doesn’t just want to use me but be my friend. I don’t want to be with someone who is just fun to be around when life is good. I want to be with someone who will be a safe harbor when lifes storms devastate my soul. I’m not saying that I think Josh Groban is the answer to every woman’s problem, but that I hope I will be able to wait for a guy that is worth spending the rest of my life with.

Here are the lyrics to Un Giorno Per Noi (A Time For Us)

One day, you know, for us will come

The freedom to love each other without limits

And the dream denied to us will blossom

The love now hidden will reveal itself

One day, you know, to live

The life that eludes us here

One day, you know, to live

The life that eludes us here


Our love will overcome

The obstacles and the tides of adversity

And there will also be for us in the world

A time which love will triumph

A time which love will triumph

Here is a video of Josh performing it live during his Awake Tour a couple years ago.


About lizgroban

I'm merely liz. On the other hand, I am a grobanite. For those that aren't familiar, that means I am inlove with Josh Groban's music. What can I say? I cannot resist a gentleman. Or a complete dork. He is the epitome of both. I like to refer to him as "The Great Paradox". I hope only to inspire admiration and love for Josh Groban. Godbless View all posts by lizgroban

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