Grobanite Testimony

Welcome, my fellow Grobanite. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my blog, than to tell you of when my heart was changed and inspired after hearing Josh Groban’s music. My story is probably not one of a typical Grobanite.

I am 21 years old , as I write this, and so Josh Groban made his big break sometime when I was in  middle school. At the time, I listened mainly to Christian music and secular mainstream music that I would catch on the radio. I remember hearing his song “You Raise Me Up” on the radio frequently and instantly changing it because I wasn’t in the mood for mister dramatic pants. Fast forward to last fall, I was listening to the radio, when a Christmas song of his was playing. I couldn’t believe how peaceful and beautiful his voice made me feel. I was in desperate need of new music. I had started listening to mainstream pop and hip-hop but I was never one to care much about sex, drugs and partying. I decided I was going to buy one of his cd that played non-seasonal music. When I got to Target, the only cd they had was Illuminations. As soon as I heard “Bells of New York City“, I was smitten. I had no idea how romantic his music was or how he makes you feel like you are the only one listening. To say the least, I was inlove. Within a couple weeks, I had four cds of his. I currently have seven of his cds which include Josh Groban(debut), CloserLive at the GreekAwakeAwake LiveNoel and Illuminations. I know, I’m a terrible Grobanite. I don’t have all his cds. But thats why I’m here. Hopefully, I wont be so obsessed that I have to have every cd, dvd or poster. Or have to listen to his music when I wake up, in the car and at the gym. I’m still a diamond in the rough.

However, for me to truly appreciate and contribute to a music artist, I have to like the person as an individual. After I realized that I loved Josh Groban’s music, I quickly went to youtube and watched interviews and of him. I was flabbergasted to find that he was incredibly humble and down-to-earth. I couldn’t believe how someone so truly talented could act like a kind normal person. Also, I read that he is a Christian and wondered if that had anything to do with it. I am also a Christian. That did it! I made a special little place in my heart for him to reside and inspire.

I hope in this blog, to share with you how Josh Groban’s music has inspired me.




About lizgroban

I'm merely liz. On the other hand, I am a grobanite. For those that aren't familiar, that means I am inlove with Josh Groban's music. What can I say? I cannot resist a gentleman. Or a complete dork. He is the epitome of both. I like to refer to him as "The Great Paradox". I hope only to inspire admiration and love for Josh Groban. Godbless View all posts by lizgroban

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